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Better Leverage Your Digital Assets


Triple Win Sales is digital sales.

Companies retain us to help them leverage digital assets across many activities such as sales automation, online presentations, digital documents, CRM operations and much more. Digital sales is not just about the marketing department creating content. Digital sales involves creating an organizational structure around content, and a foundation of processes to measure the content consumption of your customers.

And while digital Sales is all about driving revenue through identifying new sales opportunities it is also about taking the initiative to identifying growth opportunities within existing accounts.

If you or your sales team seem to always have:

  • Trouble managing and solving conflicts with clients
  • Problems meeting time deadlines for customer accounts
  • No time for prospecting new customer opportunities
  • Challenges fulfilling proper reporting
  • Issues meeting compliance requirements
  • Difficulties doing research
  • Seemingly too many other responsibilities…

… perhaps it is time to consider bringing in an expert! We are consultants with a singular focus on digital sales.

Triple Win Sales provides training as well as provides outsourced business development services. We work closely with the other staff members in all facets of your businesses, to facilitate and support growth in service, processes , and outcome-driven revenue generation.

How much better would your business perform if you better leveraged your digital assets across activities such as sales automation, online presentations, digital documents, and CRM operations? Schedule a no-obligation initial consultation and find out firsthand.

Why Triple Win Sales?


Digital sales integrates with marketing to foster a process that assists very specific buyers through their buying journey, and allows our client companies to monitor the content consumption of that buyer. It’s a powerful enhancement to the traditional sales methodology most businesses rely on.


How Can We Improve Your Sales?

The team at Triple Win Sales are sales training coaches with extensive sales backgrounds themselves. Their skill set has been honed in corporate and private organizations and years of professional sales, and have been hand-picked by our founder Laura Ali.

As one of 9 people selected nationwide to participate in a unique technical sales training for Xerox Corporation, Laura enjoyed 10 years of world renowned sales and management training programs, most that are truly best in class. While at Xerox Laura achieved Par or Presidents Club every year. She was recruited to be the Regional Sales Manager of a new Xerox spinoff – the Document Sciences Corporation – where she led the organization year after year in revenue growth and was bestowed with Regional Manager of the Year titles. Laura orchestrated expansion into several untapped markets including managed care and financial services for this document automation company.

Soon after the company went public she decided to take an opportunity offered to her from another start up type venture as the Vice President of e-commerce Sales for Smartmail Services Logistics.  Here she traveled with the CEO through the road show and IPO process. After four consecutive years of success, her next venture took her back to a Fortune 100 company – RR Donnelley & Sons where she headed up the direct mail logistics division.

In 2006 Laura started Triple Win Inc, and assembled a team of trainers and coaches to assist her. Triple Win Sales has been helping companies in the private sector grow and achieve unparalleled success, enabling countless business owners to achieve their personal and corporate vision.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Laura has been an asset to Ames in developing our sales initiatives and strategy. Her energy and positive outlook has propelled the team to new challenges and endeavors. I look forward to continuing to work with her and her team to achieve new heights in our organization.”

Tom Y, Ames Rubber

“Laura is a tremendous motivator and always has a positive outlook. Her level of enthusiasm is unmatched. When I ran into obstacles, her guidance helped me overcome those to further develop relationships and win new business. She has a terrific understanding of the Sales 2.0 revolution and her passion of sales is evident by the tremendous network of people she has around her. Simply put, I couldn’t say enough good things about her and would highly recommend any business owner who wants to drive growth to hire her.”

Derek E, Clarion Safety Systems

“Working with Laura is always a pleasant surprise. Her ability to quickly assess a problem and provide a solution always amazes us. We will be working with her for years to come.”

Jay M, Moldave Designs

“In the area of sales and business development, Laura is a force of nature. She is passionate, driven, and has an incredible view of the playing field. I highly recommend any company looking to grow use her talents.”

John H, Zen Marketing

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Let Triple Win Sales help you get tapped in…

You probably already know readership of local news is strong.   However, because of overhead, rising materials costs, and so many advertisers moving online, many hard-copy local newspapers are getting thinner and thinner or have gone out of business altogether.  As a result, there is a void in the local news marketplace. The team at Triple Win Sales have a solution ideal for the local businesses they work with.

That solution is TAPinto, a new and digitally-based news feed that provides great local news. TAPinto is a network of more than 80 online local news franchises in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Florida, with more than eight-million annual readers.

TAPinto is a great advertising vehicle for a business looking to really connect with the local market. It’s also a great vehicle for you to share events and activities in your company, your neighborhood, or your town. If you’d like to learn more about advertising or want to submit a local news story, use the form above to contact Triple Win Sales.

Why Retain A Sales Consultant?

Our process provides a fresh perspective and a path to better leveraging digital techniques to improve lead generation and top of the sales funnel activities.

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