What Exactly is a Digital Sales Consultant? This is a question that often comes up in discussion when I’m speaking with prospective clients. What exactly is a digital sales consultant and what do they do? Well, for the sake of agreement, there are more than one title for what it is I do.

Some people refer to what my expertise is known as is an “Online Conversion Expert,” but that sounds just as nebulous, doesn’t it? Others might refer to me as a “digital lead generator and closer” consultant. There really is no clear-cut definition beyond the traditional sales consultant function, but I can assure you, there is much more to it than ensuring sales people are performing.

The role of a digital sales consultant is multi-faceted, and the work is unique to each client’s specific situation and needs. Depending on the process of client acquisition, the action steps might vary between that of one client to another. Basically, we look at each situation as it stands with each company and its current systems and define specific steps to improve the expected outcomes. They may range from enacting or tweaking paid advertising performance, to Search Engine Optimization of a website and blog articles. There are a myriad of touches that can be enacted to maximize online sales success.

The Journey from Suspect to Prospect to Lead to Client

Succinctly put, that is the purpose of the typical sales funnel. Steps to attract someone to your business are specific in nature. And, to not to come of as an elementary, blanket statement, allow me to explain.

The steps are: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s the management and control of these steps that position a company or individual to increase sales.

 Once an individual becomes AWARE of your brand, they move from a position of an unknown suspect to a prospective client. The objective is to progressively move this new prospect further along the buyer’s journey to the next phase or step.

 If the prospect shows some level of interest, such as signing up for a newsletter or a download, a level of nurturing should occur to keep the prospect flowing through the sales pipeline (buyer’s journey).

 At some point along the way, deliberate attempts should be made to establish some level of desire, for what might be a product or service they are exploring. Desire will be subject to several factors; price, usability, availability, brand awareness, brand reputation, logistics such as deliverability, timing, etc. This position along the buyer’s journey should qualify the prospect to be considered a “lead.”

 Through the use of calls to action the lead is nudged, encouraged, tempted and cajoled into commitment. Action is the key to closing the sale, and is dependent upon satisfactory prior steps to bring things to finality.

There are a number of tactics to employ for improving conversion ratios, productivity of staff and increasing revenue enhancement.

We’ll cover what it will take to increase conversion through a sales strategy in our next posting.

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